How to get rid of Sore Throat

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Sore_ThroatSore throat is a very common medical affliction that seldom warrants immediate medical attention. Just like the common cold, sore throat is typically of viral origin and will normally go away without taking medicines or seeing a doctor. While waiting for the condition to get better, here are three ways to help you soothe the pain caused by a sore throat.gggg

• Pay attention to your overall health. If you want to speed up the recovery time, then it is important that you pay attention to your health in general. Minimize talking until your throat show signs that it is getting better. Also, be sure to get a good amount of sleep since your body needs rest to be able to recover easily.

Furthermore, refrain from consuming caffeine and alcohol. Furthermore avoid causing more irritation by resting your throat and voice box. Do not engage in activities that will strain your voicebox as this might worsen the condition.

• Reduce soreness by keeping the throat moist. Prevent your throat from drying, and causing further irritation, by replenishing it with fluids. Drink water, juice, or tea to prevent the throat from drying. You can also sip broth soup if you like. You can also moisten your throat by mixing lemon and honey. If mucus is present, you can eliminate it by gargling water mixed with salt. Sucking throat lozenge or any type of candy can also prevent your throat from drying. During bedtime, turn on the humidifier so as to keep the throat and the mucus membranes around it moist.

• Think about using alternative remedies. If you have tried to relieve sore throat naturally but nothing works, then it would be a good time to consider using effective alternative remedies. There are a number of herbal products that have throat soothing capabilities. Chamomile, eucalyptus, honeysuckle flowers, licorice root, slippery elm and marshmallow root are some herbal remedies that may help soothe your sore throat. You can also drink herbal teas which you can buy from health stores and local pharmacies. If your sore throat continue to persist, then it would be prudent to visit a doctor and have it checked.